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You know exactly what’s going on in your grill. Even while you serve your guests.

An integrated touchscreen display shows you during grilling everything you need to know to ensure your success. 
Besides the cooking chamber temperature sensors, two core temperature sensors can be displayed. The alarm function and the roasting spit control are also included.

All information the display shows, you can find also in the ACTIVEGRILL™ smartphone app.
While you serve your guests in up to 100 metres distance, you know exactly what is going on in your grill.

You and your  ACTIVEGRILL™.
True winners. 

When you grill with you ACTIVEGRILL™ you will immediately notice that it is a real winner.
So easy and safe grilling with charcoal has never been.
That brought our grill the golden medal in the category “Grills” at the International Barbecue Award 2015!

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